Warranty Terms and Refurbishment Service


Calfire Spareline Limited offer warranty support to UK residents who have bought their Ecofans through bona fide UK retailers. If you bought your Ecofan direct from another Country; through a non-authorised dealer or if you live outside of the UK, you will need to contact the original seller for warranty support.

Ecofans are warranted to be free from any manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship for a period of:

  • For 810 UltrAir, 812 AirMax or 806 BelAir Ecofans
    2 years from the date of purchase (Warranty period increased from 1 to 2 years for all sales made on or after 1st October 2013)
  • For 800 Original or 815 Original Mini Ecofans
    2 years from date of purchase

Should an Ecofan become defective or fail to operate under normal conditions within the warranty period, simply email ecofans@calfire.com advising which model you have; the serial number of your unit (found on the underside of the top casting); when and from where you purchased the item and details of the fault you are experiencing. If subsequently instructed to return the item then this should be sent, with a copy of the warranty notification email and a copy of the original invoice or cash register slip, to the UK Ecofan distributor Calfire Spareline Ltd at the following address:

Calfire Spareline Ltd., Gledrid. Chirk. Wrexham LL14 5DG

Please ensure that you provide full contact details including an email address and mobile phone number as these can be used by the carrier to advise when the returned parcel will be delivered to you. Goods should not be returned without first having advised Calfire of the problem being experienced and having received the instruction to do so.

This warranty does not cover abnormal wear or damages resulting from accident, misuse, abuse or, if applicable, breakage (when such breakage is not due to a manufacturing defect) and any other incidental or consequential damages. This warranty is in lieu of any other expressed warranties.


Should the unit fail after the warranty period a full refurbishment service is available to UK customers however a simple motor change will often be the solution and depending on the age and model you own, this can easily be carried out by the Ecofan owner.

Several stockists and on-line stores now offer ‘Ecofan Replacement Motor Kits’ and an internet search will provide several options.

If you have an older model Ecofan with soldered motor connections you can still carry out a motor change but you will of course have to be able to solder to carry out this procedure.

If you would like your Ecofan looked at then send your fan to the UK distributors Calfire at the following address:

Calfire Spareline Ltd., Gledrid. Chirk. Wrexham LL14 5DG.

Once received Calfire will produce a refurbishment report and quotation and forward this to you by email or post. If you are happy with the quotation you will be asked to provide your payment details and your Ecofan will then be refurbished. The fan will be tested prior to being returned.

Occasionally units that have been subjected to extreme heat will be beyond repair.

Should you decide not to proceed with the repair, or the fan is beyond repair, a small postage charge will be requested to pay for the fans return or the fan will be disposed of.

Replaced parts are covered for a full 1 year from the date you receive them back. The replaced parts warranty conditions are the same as for new units.

This service is offered to UK customers only. Please do not send us your Ecofan if you live outside of the UK.

Certain spare parts are available for wood-stove Ecofans. Details of these can be found by clicking here.